Current Projects

Current projects keep me thoroughly engaged in every aspect of the writing life. They’re children being born.

I’m avid to make the next production of Becoming Walt Whitman happen. The play’s been produced twice in California, and I’d love to see it on Walt’s home turf — New York or Brooklyn.
I’m adapting my novel, Under Pegasus, for the stage.  The script is nearly done, and scheduled for a “closed door” reading (actors, artistic director, myself) at Sixth Street Playhouse for early November.

 I’m ever active with my poet’s group, Londonberry Poets. We each rough-draft a poem or two a month, work on them when we meet, then settle into rewriting and honing. I have enough poems for a second chapbook, and am sending them out to magazines and journals.

An ongoing venture with the poet Daniel Harris is The Canon Project. This manuscript of 80 poems (40 apiece) engages 40 Western canonical poets including Sappho, Homer, Dante, Villon, Shakespeare, Milton, Blake, Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson, Rimbaud, Hardy, Eliot, Pound, H.D. Wallace Stevens, Neruda, Lorca, Elizabeth Bishop and many more.  We pick a poem by each poet, then both write a poem in response. It’s shaping up as edgy, bold work, and so far about a third of our poems have been published in magazines and journals. We look forward to having a book in the future.

 I have a dozen or so completed short stores, and a finished novel, On Quaker Road, about the Underground Railroad before the Civil War. I’m hoping that this fall and winter will be the time for me to market this work.

I’ve also started a novel called, for now, Untitled, about a New York painter who abruptly moves to the Bay Area, only to find that his work is being systematically stolen.

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